Monday, 5 December 2016

5th December 2016 Yell Calm

Set off to work on Yell but the ferry was going via Fetlar due to maintenance on one of the two ferries so giving a chance to sail through the Bluemull Sound producing a Great Northern Diver, some smart Long-tailed Ducks and a flock of Eider that images revealed included the returning drake Surf Scoter. After a short morning at work it was lunch 'half an hour' when fortuitously met Jim Nangle at Mid Yell who said he'd just left the 4 Humpback Whales just a 5 minute drive away at Aywick although they'd swam south out of view. After a quick drive, first stop was White Wife where saw a Humpback swimming towards Gossabrough. Another short drive from where all four were visible and could even hear them blowing - brilliant! Mark called to fix a Christmas meal that seemed surreal whilst we were both out enjoying the warm December sunshine on Shetland! Jim then text to say there was a Goosander near Gutcher that later managed to see in the 'evening' halflight proving to be a nice drake.

Dawn on the Bluemull Sound

Long-tailed Ducks in the Bluemull Sound

 Drake Surf Scoter with Eider in the Bluemull Sound

Gossabrough from near White Wife, Yell

White Wife, Yell

Humpback Whales off White Wife, Yell

 Out Skerries as viewed from White Wife, Yell

Drake Goosander at Sand Water near Gutcher, Yell