Monday, 2 May 2016

2nd May 2016 Ythan Estuary & Collieston

A morning spent at the Ythan Estuary where 2 Ospreys were the highlight. Another birder told us that the drake King Eider had been seen to fly out to sea with four Eider earlier in the morning. We were also told that a possible Great White Egret had been reported from a small loch near Collieston earlier in the week. A check of the loch and sure enough there was a Great White Egret present. Perfect weather for sailing from Aberdeen, and as we did so, what appeared to be an albino Herring Gull circled the ferry.  

Eider c.500
Osprey 2


Great White Egret 1

Great White Egret at Collieston
Its trailing plumes, primarily dark bill and pale tibia are all breeding plumage traits

Aberdeen Harbour
Herring Gull 1 albino

Aberdeen Harbour