Wednesday, 16 December 2015

16th December 2015 Doi Ang Khan to Doi Inthanon

We returned to the army checkpoint above Ban Luang meeting an American tour group there. Success quickly followed with a few Black-headed Greenfinches buzzing around the tops of the pines. We walked the road in one last attempt for Spot-throated Babbler but to no avail. We soon left Doi Ang Khan making good progress along the scenic road heading for Chiang Mai where we saw the old city walls whilst negotiating the traffic system and stopped at a McDonald's before continuing to Doi Inthanon. We arrived at Mr. Deang's late afternoon and were warmly welcomed having stayed here 16 years ago. Reminding Mr. Deang of his famous 'fried egg sandwiches' that have fuelled so many trips to the summit over the years nearly brought the house down with Mr. Deang pointing to the 'old sign' now hanging over his kitchen. We were soon off to the campsite pools for an attempt at seeing Black-tailed Crake - they unfortunately proved no easier to see now than 16 years ago!
Black-eared Kite 4
Spotted Dove 6
Cook's Swift c.100
Crested Finchbill 6
Black-crested Bulbul 2
Flavescent Bulbul 6
Grey-crowned Warbler 1
Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush 4
Spectacled Barwing 2
Dark-backed Sibia 4
Chestnut-vented Nuthatch 6
Giant Nuthatch 1
Taiga Flycatcher 1
Grey Bush Chat 6
Common Rosefinch 6
Dawn at the Army Checkpoint above Ban Luang

Pines at the Army Checkpoint above Ban Luang
Moth at the Ban Luang Checkpoint
Quite a few birds were seen to be taking the moths that had been attracted to the lights of the army checkpoint. This one narrowly survived the attention of a Grey Bush Chat.
Common Punchinello at the Ban Luang Checkpoint
Giant Nuthatch at the Ban Luang Checkpoint
Scenery between Doi Ang Khan and Chiang Mai
As we made our pilgrimage to Doi Inthanon ...
The road to Chiang Mai
Old City Walls of Chiang Mai
courtesy of the satnav taking us the most direct rather than quickest route!
Mr. Deang's Shop at Doi Inthanon National Park
Mr. & Mrs. Deang
Green Cochoas by Clive Byers
Being one of the most gripping pieces of artwork I'd ever seen (16 years ago) I was hoping to still see it gracing the wall of Mr. Deang's Shop, and sure enough... there it was, and having lost none of its magic!
Mrs. Deang anticipating Clive's return?