Sunday, 4 October 2015

4th October 2015 Beachy SE1 Clear

Golden Plover 1W
Swallow c.100
Sand Martin 1
Skylark 34W
Pied Wagtail 45E
Song Thrush 1
Blackcap 3
Chiffchaff 40
Goldcrest 20
Blue Tit c.40 with small parties moving off high inland
Continental Coal Tit 2
Siskin h


Continental Coal Tit at Birling
Whilst finding a Yellow-browed Warbler yesterday was nice, I was no less pleased that these Continental Coal Tits had remained in situ since my parents found them on Tuesday 29th September. Whilst that might reflect my own interest in scarce forms, it probably also reflects there having been three times the number of Yellow-browed Warblers than Continental Coal Tits seen at Beachy since 2000 and these being the first Continental Coal Tits I've seen since 2008 - there have only been two seen at Beachy in the intervening period. Whilst ageing and sexing in the field would appear  difficult, the pointed tail feathers just about visible above would indicate a first year and the glossy black cap, jet-black throat and broad white nape-patch are all consistent with it being a male.