Sunday, 30 August 2015

30th August 2015 Beachy NE3 Partially overcast

Red Kite 1 juvenile
Swift 1
Swallow c.3,000E
House Martin c.2,000E
Sand Martin c.100E
Yellow Wagtail 5
Wheatear 2
Whinchat 4
Redstart 3
Tree Pipit 5
Grasshopper Warbler 2
Blackcap 8
Whitethroat 60
Lesser Whitethroat 2
Willow Warbler 3
Firecrest 1
Spotted Flycatcher 1
Pied Flycatcher 1

Common Whitethroat in the Old Trapping Area

Yellow Wagtail near the Old Trapping Area

Firecrest in the Old Trapping Area (JFC)

Common Redstart in the Old Trapping Area

Pied Flycatcher in the Old Trapping Area
Juvenile Red Kite over the Top Fields (JFC)
Being a beautiful crisp fresh juvenile the fanned tail in the lower image above neatly portrays the dark subterminal spots as well as the uniform buffish vent and undertail coverts in addition to the visible pale tips to both its underwing and upperwing coverts.
Red-backed Shrike 1 juvenile
Reed Warbler 3
Reed Warbler at Rodmell
Juvenile Red-backed Shrike at Rodmell
We bumped into Andy Williams who very kindly went out of his way to take us and show us a juvenile Red-backed Shrike that he had found. It performed superbly atop hawthorns until flushed by a Sparrowhawk whereupon it was seen to fly towards the riding stables where unfortunately we couldn't find it again.
Newhaven Harbour
Yellow-legged Gull 2 juveniles