Sunday, 3 August 2014

3rd August 2014 Beachy Calm & overcast & Rodmell

Yellow-legged Gull 1 juvenile
Reed Warbler 4
Whitethroat 20
Lesser Whitethroat 1
Willow Warbler 7
Chiffchaff 2
Yellowhammer 2 (a pair)

Willow Warbler at Chat Vale
Late July and early August was formerly a good time of year to encounter passage Wood Warblers at Beachy but times have sadly changed and they've now become all too scarce. Not for the first time this Autumn conditions felt ideal for a fall of Willow Warblers but yet again we were left disappointed.
Wigeon 2
Garganey 3
Lapwing c.60
Snipe 1
Common Sandpiper 1

Juvenile Garganeys at Rodmell
Some first-winters are described as being distinctly orange-toned on the body that nicely applies to these ruddy-breasted beauties.
Eclipse drake Wigeon at Rodmell
The deep chestnut plumage and obvious white upper forewing readily ages and sexes this individual.
Lapwings at Rodmell
Now numbering around 60 at Rodmell unfortunately last week's Black-winged Pratincole sadly hasn't read the script and joined them!
Clouded Yellow at Rodmell
The Clouded Yellow is primarily an immigrant to the UK, originating from north Africa and southern Europe, with numbers varying greatly from year to year. In more recent years, it has been shown that this species has successfully overwintered in the south of England. In good years this species can produce up to 3 generations in the UK.