Sunday, 20 July 2014

20th July 2014 Beachy Calm & Overcast

Whimbrel 1h
Yellow-legged Gull 2 juveniles
Lesser Whitethroat 1

Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull at Birling
As yet there have been no ringing recoveries of Yellow-legged Gull in Sussex. The Migration Atlas reveals six ringed as pulli in the Mediterranean basin have been recovered in the southeast UK with one from Spain, three from France and two from Italy. Recent Julys have proved a productive time for finding juveniles locally and this year is proving no exception with regular double-figure tallies also currently being recorded at Dungeness.
Lesser Whitethroat at Birling
The lower image reveals the extent of the visible body moult. This ties in nicely with the migration strategy of this species. As unfortunately no Lesser Whitethroats held territory at Beachy this year we knew it had come from somewhere else, although with JFC seeing what was almost certainly the same individual a few days ago, it seems in no particular hurry as well as being on the early side to be a departing migrant. However, the Migration Atlas offers an explanation as it states that dispersal from the breeding grounds appears to coincide with the near completion of moult, in both juvenile and adult birds, and that these movements usually commence in mid-July in Britain.
no cigar!

Southern Hawker at Belle Tout

Migrant Hawker in the Old Trapping Area