Monday, 2 June 2003

2nd June 2003 South Stack, Anglesey 4.30am – 8.00am. Overcast but dry. Light SW wind

Gannet c.5
Red Kite c.15 along M40 near Stokenchurch
Buzzard c.10
Skylark h
BLACK LARK 1 male ex. Not as large as expected though appeared larger as light improved. Bill conical appearing a slightly pale lime colour, slightly decurved with a long narrow protrusion at the tip of the upper mandible Legs appeared dark in poor light but grayish-pink as the light improved. Head, upperparts, underparts and tail principally black with some pale edgings particularly on the mantle. Long black ‘trousers’. Wings and tail pointed. Bird had the jizz of a Woodswallow being round-headed, bull-necked, and well-built. Flight very sweeping appeared Thrush-like on landing. Brilliant!! A mythincal species! UK479.
Swallow c.6
Raven c.4
Chough c.6

Male Black Lark at South Stack (Pete Wragg)