Thursday, 21 October 2004

21st October 2004 Drive from Dumfries to Cove and Aberdeen Rain with near gale force wind

Whooper Swan 6 flew south on leaving Aberdeen harbour
Pink-footed Goose 15
Eider 50
Woodcock 1 Girdle Ness
Guillemot 10 Girdle Ness
Skylark 10
Blackbird 25
Fieldfare 100
Redwing 10
Hume’s Yellow-browed Warbler 1 Cove. Dark bill and legs. Dark eye-stripe, pale cheeks and ear-coverts and whitish supercilium. Greyish crown and shawl. Weakly marked median covert bar being almost just a whitish mark. Greater covert bar white with black border at least as wide. White tips to tertials. Whitish underparts appeared sullied grey. Call a rapid high-pitched speeded-up ‘chew-it’.
Goldcrest 5