Friday, 9 April 2004

9th April 2004 Beachy 7.45am – 12.30pm, Newhaven 1.00 – 2.00pm, Coombe Haven c.2.45pm – c.4.15pm. Sunny with light NE

Canada Goose 2W
Shelduck 2 Newhaven
Sparrowhawk 1
Common Gull c.35 Newhaven including some fine ad. Summer
Mediterranean Gull 1 1st-w Newhaven. Virtually black legs. Two-toned bill being slightly paler at base, dark mask, dark scapulars and tertials and black primaries.
Green Woodpecker 1
Swallow 12
House Martin 2
White Wagtail 3 males Newhaven
Wheatear 1
Stonechat c.5
Blackcap 1
Willow Warbler c.2
Chiffchaff c.5
Firecrest c.4
PENDULINE TIT 3 Coombe Haven - 2 males and a female, the female being colour-ringed with a red ring on its left leg and a metal ring on its right. Absolutely superb. Found by Kevin on call. Males with grey bills being pale grey on lower mandible and fine whitish tip. Legs and eye black. Black highwayman’s mask completely surrounded by soft whitish-grey crown, nape and whitish throat. Mask bridged the base of the bill on the forecrown and bordered with a narrow band of chestnut. Mantle a deep chestnut-rufous being noticeably paler on the scapulars. Wing coverts a darker chestnut with pale tips forming quite a broad greater covert bar. Secondaries and tertials black broadly fringed an icy grey, likewise tail. Primaries with narrow icy grey fringes. Breast on one male had some chestnut crescents (the other lacked such crescents) becoming buff on the belly contrasting with white undertail coverts. Female lacked the chestnut across the forehead and was slightly grayer-crowned (not so white). The mantle was noticeably paler almost a pale brown. Seen pulling white maggots from the reedmace. Would often sit motionless on the reedmace. On one occasion all three flew into a tree and climbed quite high before descending back into the reeds. Also seen in sallows. At least one of the males was heard singing being a quiet tinkling song. They were heard to call on several occasions, being a quiet ‘ts-iiii’ resembling at times a Greenfinch. Sussex 331. First Spring records for the County. Colour ring per the colour-ringing website appears to originate from south Sweden.
Linnet c.10
Yellowhammer 3
Corn Bunting c.2