Tuesday, 25 September 2001

25th September 2001 Messingham Sand Quarries, Lincs 7am - 9.30am. Huttoft 11am - 1pm, Anderby 1.30pm - 4pm. Clear with mist at first and then fine and calm on the coast

AMERICAN GREEN HERON 1 juv.  flew into a small pool after an hours wait. On landing raised its shaggy crest and appeared very long-necked almost recalling Rufescent Tiger-Heron! Bill almost blue across upper surface with remainder yellow. Yellow iris with dark centre. Bare greenish loral skin. Dark greyish-black crown. Rufescent ear coverts and sides of neck. Breast rufescent with broad white streaks. White malar. Belly greyish. Mantle a dark greyish-green. Wings greenish with coverts fringed and tipped white. Strong greenish legs. Tail constantly flicked adding to overall character. Spots under tail. Seen to catch both toads/frogs and small fish. Very alert. In flight appeared very dark and small with neck outstretched. Ex. UK473.
Heron 1
Shoveler 1
Teal c.30 Huttoft Pit
Tufted Duck c.10 Huttoft Pit
Sparrowhawk 1
Coot c.30
Golden Plover c.750 Anderby
Lapwing c.50 Anderby
Dunlin 3 Huttoft Pit
Wren c.5
Robin c.8
Redstart c.10 including a male with a pale panel on its secondaries perhaps suggesting samamisicus. Also a neat white breast band dividing its black throat from its orange breast and belly.
Wheatear c.2
Song Thrush c.20
Garden Warbler c.3
Blackcap c.20
Lesser Whitethroat 1
Willow Warbler 1
Goldcrest c.15
Brambling 1 Anderby
Snow Bunting 1 Huttoft

In captivity near Huttoft Pit virtually in someone’s back garden:
Red-breasted Goose 2
Pintail 1
Smew c.2
Hooded Merganser c.4
Bufflehead pair