Saturday, 26 May 2001

26th May 2001 Beachy 5.45am - 10.45am Beachy. Calm (westerly influence) and sunny at first with fog arriving by 10.30am. Sidlesham Ferry 2pm - 3pm sunny with heat haze. Neatherfiled Lagoons, Nottingham 6.30pm - 7.30pm. Overcast but calm

Little Grebe c.2 + h at Neatherfield
Gannet c.10E Beachy
Grey Heron 2 Sidlesham
Ruddy Duck drake at Neatherfield
Buzzard 2 roadside in Midlands
Hobby 1 Beachy 3 Cuckmere hawking insects
Peregrine 1 Beachy
Collared Pratincole 1 Sidlesham Ferry - in field to the south occasionally flying and once towering  and catching insects. Unfortunately distant with heat haze not helping. Appeared very long-tailed in flight with white trailing edge. White rump obvious in flight. Sussex addition.
Lapwing c.5 Sidlesham
Arctic Skua 1 chasing Terns off Birling
Collared Dove 2 Beachy
Little Owl 1 Drusillas
Swift c.15 Cuckmere, c.20roadside, c.2 Neatherfield.
LITTLE SWIFT 1 Neatherfield Lagoons. Small short-tailed Swift. Large white throat-patch and white forehead visible when flying head-on. Obvious white rump extending below level of wings. Wings held down when gliding. A restricted pale forewing close to the body. Upprwing covert slightly brown contrasting with black flight feathers. Leisurely slow flight. Excellent. UK471.
Swallow 1 Beachy
House Martin c.5 Beachy
Meadow Pipit c.8 Beachy
Willow Warbler h
Chiffchaff h
Raven 1 Beachy
Reed Bunting 1 Neatherfield
Corn Bunting c.5