Sunday, 22 April 2001

22/4/01 Beachy 5.55am - 12.30pm. Cold southerly moderate wind. Overcast but dry

Red-throated Diver 1 west, 1 in full s/p close inshore on sea before flying east - ex, 1 w/p on sea, 1E.
Black-throated Diver 26E - including many close full s/p individuals - ex. - barred white patches on upper-body easily visible on many s/p individuals.
Diver sp. c.7E
Manx Shearwater 2 ex.
Gannet c.350E - heavy passage mainly comprising of adults.
Cormorant 8 flew from south being originally very distant
Grey Heron 1 flew west
Brent c.175E
Tufted Duck 1 drake E with Scoter - good for Beachy
Scoter c.206E
Merganser c.18E
Peregrine pair in flight over Belle Toute lighthouse
Bar-tailed Godwit c.117E
Curlew 2E
Whimbrel 7E
Bonxie 7E
Pomarine Skua 1 pale morph with full tail E at 7.48am - extremely close - ex.
Arctic Skua 10E
Black-headed Gull c.20E
Common Gull c.30E - many 1st winters/summers
Mediterranean Gull 1E 1st-winter with Common Gulls
Little Gull 22E
Kittiwake c.200E
Sandwich Tern c.77E
Commic Tern c.31E
Auk sp. c.28E - probably under-recorded
Swallow c.2
Rock Pipit 1
Wheatear 2
Willow Warbler 2h
Raven 1 west over Birling