Tuesday, 24 October 2000

24th October 2000 Minsmere 7.00am - 11.30am. Cloudy with fair westerly breeze.

No sign of Siberian Blue Robin.

Great White Egret 1 seen in flight, large size and yellow bill obvious despite distance.
Grey Heron c.2
Wigeon c.40
Teal c.15
Shoveler 1
Sociable Plover 1 seen on the ground and in flight a couple of times - superb.
Lapwing c.40
Barn Owl 1
Great Spotted Woodpecker c.3 - moving south along coast - migrants ?
Pallas’s Warbler - seen at dawn hovering along edge of Sluice bushes.
Bearded Tit c.6
Reed Bunting 2