Saturday, 1 January 2000

Selsey Acro

rather poorly marked eye-ring / yellowish legs and toes

contrastingly dark-centred alula / rump concolorous with mantle / pale tips to longest primaries just visible?? / sullied not clean underparts

dark-centred tertials with pale fringes / primary projection appears very long / rump concolorous with mantle / legs and toes yellowish / plumage appears warm

bill appears very long / legs appearing darker contrasting with yellower toes / indistinct eye-ring and supercilium

primary projection appears very long and sickle-shaped / pale hindclaws? / gingery rear / warm flanks /legs greenish-yellow / hindtoes appear strong and yellow / no obvious pale tips to its primaries

indistinct eye-ring and supercilium / dark centred tertial with narrow pale fringe / rump marginally warmer than mantle / bill now appears sorter /wings not really darker than upperparts

Marsh Warbler at Quendale October 2005 (Jim Nicholson)
MSC's caption '
strong-looking pale tarsi and claws, contrasting tertial pattern
and pale-tipped primaries. Quite clean yellowish-buff tinged
underparts, including under-tail coverts'